Under or over weight?

I was just wondering how many teams are under weight or over weight as of now? It seems that many teams that have posted teasers have said there weight is low.

make this a poll ?!?!

What we have planned of our robot is overweight…
But what we have built it underweight, we’ll see when we get to the competitions after the fix-it window…

Right now the robot is under weight but I have a feeling we will be drilling holes 2 days before ship date, so the real question isn’t are we going to drill holes, but how many holes we are going to have to drill. :ahh: :ahh:

As of right now we’re underweight…but it’s not fully assembled and all parts aren’t machined yet so that may have something to do with it. :wink:

Inventor 8 says we’re underweight :smiley:

Kinda early to tell. A lot of teams aren’t even close to finishing. We currently haven’t finished machining all our parts. In the end everyone is going to end up underweight. Nobody can participate if they are overweight. The judges at the events won’t pass you on inspection if you are overweight. Or, if you are passed any physical dimension.

We are projecting that we will be underweight

At our meeting saturday, we looked up weights for the part we needed to order still, and weighed what we have. We are running overweight, but the machining of metal to remove weight has already begun, lol

Our team is underweight so far. I think we projected that we would end up underwieght too, which is always good… :slight_smile:

Our team was over weghit last week. We had to design the arm all over again and fortunately we came up with the lightest design possible.
Our transmission system only account for 35 pounds, and 4-wheel steering is on top of it.
Our arm is only made out of alluminun and instead of chains we are usuing simple cable wires to rotate it. i think we are going to end up between 120 or 130.
lets see…


“Think in terms of what you can think by not thinking what you can’t think, but you can also think about the fact that you are thinking about something which somebody has already thought off.”

Our weight (over)estimates put us at about 10 pounds under. We don’t really have resources to add additional functionality to our design so we will probably just add reinforcements and excessive decorations with this weight.

I added a poll to the thread as per Kyle’s request

Be careful with this. Not all VKOP items have the correct weight. For example, Inventor thinks that the battery weights about 5 lbs. You may want to double-check the weight of all of your components.


OUr weight will end up being exactly what we designed it to be :smiley:


The battery doesn’t weigh anything this year.

Right, but I was just using it as an example. I checked it because I knew it weighed around 13 lbs.

In addition, the missing 7 or 8 pounds make a big difference in a center of gravity prediction that can be made if everything weighs right.


is it ever possible to include everything we want
and still be underweight?

i hear them drills spinnin’.

our team’s wishful thoughts are that we’re underweight.

Our robot is underweight right now but I want to see what the weight is in inventor. How do you see the weight in inventor? :confused:

David :smiley:

Right click the name of the assembly or part that you want to weigh, click on physical, then click update.