Under the Radar Teams

There has been a lot of talk about a few certain teams that haven’t posted pictures yet (71,111) and I as much as anyone am dying to see these two bots I’m sure I will be amazed with them as I have been with some of the other amazing bots this year. However there are a few other teams that seem to have slipped under the radar that are remaining quiet and I am dying to see their bots.
That’s just to name a few off the top of my head.
So anyone from these teams want to speak up?
What bots haven’t been shown yet that you guys would really like to see?

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229 Division By Zero/Clarkson University

We aren’t showing ours until competition. Maybe I’ll post an autocad teaser sometime this week.

you forgot 141, believe me it will not be a repeat of last year.

im kindof interested in the thinking behind keeping robot pictures secret.
Its not as if people are going to make changes to their robot ont he basis of them (they would be very foolish if they did). There is an arguement that people may adjust their tactics after seeing them, but its not going to make very much of a difference as they cant see how effective the robot is until the competition. Which is when it matters.
As i see it, good driving is where victory lies and posting pictures isnt going to affect that.

You are well within you rights to withold images of your robot, though i think if everyone posted then it would reduce over-competativeness. It’s also akin to what happens in the real world - open science - where scientists share their findings with everyone else, so everyone benefits.

I’m interested in 312, 168 and 147. In fact I’d be willing to show a deployment vid of 179 for those :wink:

I noticed that MOE365 is at the top of the wanted list. hehehe. There is not much that I can tell you about our robot other than that…

  1. It may or may not have a drive train that involves treads, worm steering, wheels, or walking thingys.
  2. It may or may not be able to go under the bar.
  3. It may or may not be able to climb over other bots.
  4. Teams present at the Chessapeake Regional will be the first to see the Miracle Workerz’ 2003 creation.

Sorry about the vaugeness, but I am sure that everyone will like our bot this year.

What ever happened to 696? :smiley:

Just a couple weeks and all will be revealed…

I’m interested in seeing what team 126 is doing this year

GeroniMOE (I don’t like the name either, but it was either this or Tipy the Wonderbot) will be revealed in a picture or two either on Monday or Wednesday. Untill then, you’ll all just have to marvel at some of these other great robots.

You all should check out http://www.firstrobotics.net the gallery is coming together nicely this year, you can see 168 on there, now make with the video!!!

Well you can forget team 88… You can see us at the competitions… We are not going to post pictures nor talk about our robot until the competion… We are gonna come in and surprise everyone…

Its a veritable brass ensomble in here with everyone tooting their won horn.

*Originally posted by sevisehda *
*Its a veritable brass ensomble in here with everyone tooting their own horn. **

wow, pretty harsh…if people are proud of their robot and want to brag a little? so what? it is harmless, talking to other teams about their accomplishment and what they are proud of is a part of FIRST. if team’s didn’t self promote It would probably be pretty hard for judges to give out the chairman’s award or any other for that matter.

Its a veritable brass ensomble in here with everyone tooting their own horn.

I didn’t mean to be unnecessarily harsh but the teams have already posted a picture and a brief summary of the bot. It’s just being gracious not to nominate yourself. Back in the Revolutionary days it was customary to vote for your opponent instead of yourself. Even today in sports polls coaches don’t vote there own team number 1.

yeah, sevisehda, i get jokes too.

As for some of the negativity happening on these forums, I started this thread with the absolute opposite idea in mind. This thread is supposed to be about other teams you want to see. Teams who always produce quality stuff but maybe get swallowed up with all the big name teams. Every one of the teams I named came right to my mind when I think of good teams.
So lets talk more about other teams and less about ourselves.

Friendly Neighborhood Strategy Head
229 Division By Zero/Clarkson University

I usually post the pics from my team (237) but I have no pics this year cause my digi-cam died!! I’ll try to find one and post it eventually. If my teammates let me that is!! :smiley:

I’m not sure if we will be posting a picture or not. I wasn’t the one taking all the pictures so I don’t have any.

I am very happy with how our robot turned out this year, though I’m not sure any pictures of it would be particularly impressive. So don’t expect anything like Truck Town’s robot out of us.

I’m still waiting to see what Gunn has come up with this year. They were supposed to come up and test their robot on our field but they never showed up!

Well, as for why we ahvent posted pictures of our VERY pink robot, we, uh, are sorta lazy…:smiley:


*Originally posted by Ed Crammond *
**im kindof interested in the thinking behind keeping robot pictures secret.

Its not unheard of for teams to copy another teams design or make something similar to it.

every year something like this happens. thinking back in 2001 after beaty had its amazing off the ramp stacker alot of teams showed up to later regionals with strikingly similar designs. Last year alot of teams (461 included) added tape measures for last minute scoring options after the first regional.

I know our team posted pictures but there are a few parts that we didn’t want to give away just yet to keep them a surprise and slow other teams down in making similar devices.

Now is this in the spirit of first? Is it gracious professionalism to not share information about your prized device? Or is it not in the spirit of first to copy another robots design?

And i do think that teams probably look at another teams robot just in pictures and say ‘what can we do to beat them’

I know that when our team saw Truck Town Thunders bot we all went “ohh crap what can we do to still go under the bar?” and when we saw some of the wall robots which can take over the top of the ramp we said ‘can we push them off? what can we do to minimize their ability to dominate’

Our team has already begun scouting other teams much of which is based on pictures posted online and information posted here. I know alot of other teams scout before competitions too. So yah there are totaly reasons why teams wouldn’t post pictures.

Not to say that it isn’t still fun to look at other peoples bots and its not fun to toot your own horn a bit and post your bot and say WOW LOOK AT THIS THING I SPENT 6 WEEKS OF MY LIFE ON.

Okay i ranted long enough thats my $0.02.