Underrated McMaster-Carr Products?

Having been on a team for 3 years, I have just barely scratched the surface of the McMaster Catalog, but have found a myriad of cool parts from McMaster like shoulder bolts, bushings, cylindrical polycarbonate tubing, special spacers, pins, and rods, that we’ve implemented onto previous robots with a fair degree of success.

What cool products have you found on McMaster – that you have purposed/repurposed for a robot component – that you find are greatly underappreciated and feel more people in FRC should know about? If possible, describe how you’ve used them and pictures of implementation on the robot/CAD would be greatly appreciated.


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87235K82 and 87235K31, both in 40A Durometer versions.


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bumper mount not good?
i have the product for you
use slide snap draw latch


Ran those last season. They are dope.

I heard watched videos of bumpers attached with these clips fly off… I wanted to do it really bad last year, but now I’m not so sure for this year. I think we’ll stick with bolts and captive nuts

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I’ll bite on my own thread.

  • Clevis Pins - Quite good at out-of-the-way “loose” fastening for things that need a smooth pin like compound slots.

We used it for our late season 987 style hatch mech with a great degree of success. The smooth pin interfaces really well with milled face of polycarb. We ended up using the 3/16" pin for both the slot and the pivot

  • Clear Impact-Resistant Polycarbonate Tubes - Great for general use really anywhere - hell, could try some tubing superstructure stuff like 118. Good selection of OD ID and thicknesses.

We used it for our elevator roller drum, containing both our pull-up and pull-down runs. 3D printed the end caps that would attach onto 1/2" hex. No issues what so ever with the tubing or the prints. Would def return to them for future pulley/drum spool stuff.

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