Underwater DREAMS to be shown at Championships

I don’t have details yet, but it might be on the evening of the 24th and 25th and they will be showing it at at theater nearby. I beleive it will be free, but don’t quote me…
This is a documentary made by filmaker Mary Mazzio and her company 50 Eggs.com
It documents how the four kids beat out all the universities and colleges in an underwater robot competition with MIT placing 2nd. A movie has also been made by Lionsgate and Panteleon and will be out in theaters in October, called La Vida Robot


The trailer looks awesome!

Please keep us posted! I would love to have our team attend a showing, if not in St. Louis during championships, perhaps in our hometown!

This movie was incredible. Moving, inspiring, motivational - this needs to be shared with the world.
Thank you for sharing your story and thank you for making yourselves available for the Q&A after the viewing.

Fredi - I am trying to start an underwater robotics team in St. Louis, MO. I will be going to California by car this holiday break, I was wondering if there would be opportunity to meet in Phoenix if you are available.

We just purchased the book:
Moore, Steven; Bohm, Harry; Jensen, Vickie. Underwater Robotics – Science, Design & Fabrication. $99.95 ISBN# 978-0-9841737-0-9


We had a screening for it here in Minnesota over the summer, and it was truly a great movie and a moving story. I highly recommend it for anyone involved with FIRST!

Underwater game confirmed by the release of this movie!!! :deadhorse: :yikes: :eek: