Undeveloped Defense Meta

Looking at 7660’s run at FiM. Doesn’t it seem like the overbearing defense accounted for 90% of their division win? I think they could have gone even further with slightly higher scoring stats. I know high school robotics drive teams don’t dream of playing defense any year, but it seems like this is an uncharacteristically good year for it. Thoughts?


I wont comment on this from a strategy perspective, perhaps their alliance would have done even better if there was a little more firepower out of the two offensive robots - who knows.

But what I do know is that 7660 put on an absolute clinic on some of the best defense I’ve seen of anyone this year, all while avoiding penalties (from what I saw). We were prepared for it when we played them on FiMstein, and they still made it incredibly difficult for us, so hats off to them…very impressed.


We loved playing and winning with 7660 at both events this year. Great group of people and the vibes were always good. Someone is going to get a gem at worlds!



Their driver cooks.


I agree that defense can be huge this year. Similar to 7660, down in FiT DCMP 5892 played some crazy defense that dropped opposing alliance scores by crazy amounts. For an example, I’d watch either the cross divisional finals matches or the finals matches on Mercury.

I could see defense mattering at champs.

Defense absolutely won us the FMA DCMP this year. It was clear out of alliance selections that A5 would be an absolute monster, and after Match 11 where they scored the event high of 157 against us, we knew our triple offense strategy wouldn’t work. We managed to nab the win by the skin of our teeth due to the superb defense played by 4285.

5112 put on a defensive masterclass to win the New England DCMP as the 2nd pick of the 3rd alliance.

No videos posted yet, but they shut down most of the best robots in New England and won the whole event despite being predicted to lose every match

Hats off to them as well


1729 has played some hybrid-style defense, where they lock down teams until their partners have amped, and then go score into an amped speaker then go back into defending. This defense brought them through to a division win in NE DCMP, and during stretches they played ‘perfect’ defense, and some of the best I’ve seen this year. (Also to note, they also did this at Week 3 at the Pine Tree District Event against 6329 and 133, two top teams in NE)

I can see a situational defense working.

Cycle or shuttle when the opponents aren’t amplified and play defense when they are amplified.

You can also do a hybrid defense where you slow their Amp bot before amplification but slow down their best cycle bot after amplification.

If they have a shuttle bot you try to redirect their shots towards your source.

Whichever method is used it will take a tremendous amount of field awareness.