Unexpected result: (Internal 500 server error)

Recently we have been getting this error after deploying to our rio. We have tried flashing the rio several times but this is only a temporary fix. Does anyone know what the cause of this error is or how to prevent it from occuring?

Can you be more specific about what you’re doing and where you’re getting that message? Given the message, I’m guessing you’re seeing it on the web dashboard for the roborio. Staying with this assumption, do you have the dash open when deploying? When do you see the error?

The Eclipse plugins this year use WebDAV for deploying, so it’s not too unreasonable to see a 500 when deploying.

Its an error that we are seeing through the console of eclipse. Its a “build failed” error and it seems to be tied around eclipse not being able to log into the rio and transfer the necessary files.(or at least thats what the lines around the build file show)

Yeah but the issue is that the it keeps occurring(as in it shows up once and then it keeps giving me that error until i try to fix it) and there are only two temporary fixes for it. Either power cycling the robot or just completely flashing the rio. Ideally I want to see if there is a solution that can fix this issue so that we don’t have to keep power cycling the rio/flashing it.

Please copy and paste the full console output of the error you’re getting.

[webdav] putting /home/david/git/2018_Main_Robot/dist/FRCUserProgram.jar to

/home/david/wpilib/java/current/ant/build.xml:156: failed: Unexpected response (500 Internal Server Error)

Total time: 5 seconds

Also when we power cycle, our driverstation says that we have no code on the rio.

That would be expected, as the build step immediately prior to the one that’s failing is deleting the old .jar from the RIO.

How big is your FRCUserProgram.jar file?

Can you ssh (using PuTTY) into your RIO when this happens and run “ps axl” and “cat /proc/meminfo”?

I’ve run into this issue and it’s preventing the Shared Object files from being transferred. I also can’t log in via SSH. I’ve tried resetting the roboRIO and also reimaging it. Has anyone discovered a root cause or a work around?