Unfortunate Title in Local Newspaper about our Team

Team 135 awoke after a night of driving home from St. Louis to discover that they had been featured in the Sunday paper and on the paper’s website. However the title of the article was extremely disappointing: “Penn Robotics team loses”. While the content of the article was good please let the South Bend Tribune know what FIRST is about and that no one is a “loser”.

Source: http://www.southbendtribune.com/news/education/penn-robotics-team-loses/article_f2068bcb-54d3-51f4-a310-c24b5e3997c2.html

Oh dear. I have to admit that I laughed at this.

FIRST ideals, etc, aside, that’s still a terrible headline. Not descriptive at all.

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At least it seems the community has responded as well to the horrible title!

Well done Penn in 2017!


For a second, I thought that this was an article on theonion.com

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Yeah, unfortunately that was pretty funny when I first saw it.

Congrats on making it STL though!

Team 135, making its 18th trip to the national championship in the last 20 years…


This honestly may be the worst newspaper article I have ever seen. Congratulations to 135 for an awesome showing, you guys looked to be real contenders on your field even with such other strong teams!

The fact that 135 is the only team in Indiana to earn a qualifying spot in our district all 3 of the years IN has been a district is so impressive. It so sad to see a team that earned this accomplishment was put down like this.

someone call Gregor

I’m glad the community has decided to respond to this. Ranking 4th in worlds is far from “losing” and there were much better ways for SBT to sum up the results of the team. You guys looked good out there 135!

Perhaps they meant to write “Penn Robotics Team Loses in Quarterfinals”? This article reads like it was written by a middle school intern, not a professional paper.

“FIRST Tech Challenge for smaller, detail-oriented robots” Umm…

Related to horrible news titles, I was laying in bed at the hotel and saw this on the news last night in a story about Google Home and Alexa. They even showed the robot water heater in this, however they never once showed an actual robot facepalm I don’t know which is worse, horrible titles or horidable misspeled nesw articels.

That’s so sad but funny… the lack of capitalization in the title is what makes it.

Headlines are not capitalized according to the Associated Press stylebook.

This entire article is an unfortunate misinterpretation of FIRST programs. It makes me cringe when media makes assumptions and post articles without doing their research. I highly doubt that anyone from that newspaper even bothered to go to research what FIRST is about let alone attend championship.


Great job Penn! You guys really made Indiana proud!

How About:

Penn Robotics Returns from the World Championship!

Loses what…doesn’t bring home a ridiculously huge trophy like the cheerleaders when then get 3rd or 4th place. They lost their faith in the local news for certain.

Thank you all for the support. Dispite the article title we are all proud of our teams’, and everyone else’s accompaniments this season. Already looking forward to next year!

No such thing as bad press.

Might I suggest the team write an Op-Ed critiquing the story, correcting any (and all) inaccuracies, and showing what true gracious professionalism means.

I commented on the article, but I’ll voice my thoughts here as well. This is a terrible representation of the wonderful South Bend community. After a long weekend at Worlds, the last thing you want to do is wake up to an article like that.

Stay positive, Penn! You guys represented the greater South Bend area so well.

(I’ll also say that it’s a shame that the article was so short. South Bend sent 2 FLL teams, 1 FTC team, and 1 FRC team! That is INCREDIBLE! The work being done by Penn, the Boys and Girls Club, the Ethos Science Center, and GEARS should be showcased in a positive light! Penn has made it to Worlds 18 seasons out of twenty! What an amazing accomplishment. Not to mention, their District Championship Chairmans Award! GEARS has 3 FTC teams, and the 3 ended up being the top teams in the state. The newspaper did the community a disservice by not mentioning these amazing feats.)