Uni-Rex 5817 Shooter teaser

test footage of our prototype shooter, 4 out of those 6 shots would have made it into the hexagon target. Uni-Rex Shooter


Fine tune that, so you won’t need to Spray and Pray, and you have a winner.!

Here you see the potential downside to side by side shooters knuckle balls are hard to aim…

Edit: also you’re not using official game pieces which seem to vary greatly from multiple sources…

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Those shots looks pretty great for a bench grinder!


still waiting for the official balls we ordered to get here… but this was at 50% motor output with a inconsistent feed mechanism (hand fed). we plan to fine tune it and add encoder feedback. maybe even add some directional spin with different wheel speeds.

What wheels are you using we tried green compliant wheels and had no luck.

Our prototypes have had good results with Andymark grip wheels, Vex Traction Wheels, and Colson Wheels. Note that the Andymark wheels are very light so adding weight to them helps keep your wheel speed constant.

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Compliant wheels are great for intakes and conveyers. They are not well suited for shooters.


We’re currently struggling to find a good balance of rpm, wheel size, and compression in our prototypes. Could you provide some information relating to the motors, wheels, and crush of your setup?

This looks and sounds like a 2 wheel HiGrip shooter

My students are experimenting with the compression right now and will be trying gear ratios when more come in. Right now it is 4 6” vex traction wheels, run off 2 775s with a VP at 5:1 ratio. But they are looking at going down to 3:1. This setup has let them shoot into the outer goal from 30’ away every time.

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You’ll be surprised at how much compression you need to shoot these balls far. I would start with around 2” and play around in that area.

Thanks. Right now we’re working with a 4in wheel hooded shooter, and two 775s on a 3:1 reduction. We only had about an 1in of compression, and were shooting about 17ft max. We’ll bump up the compression tonight and test that. I would prefer not to have to move to a 6 in wheel as that makes packaging for under the trench more difficult.

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You need more RPM’s. Get rid of the 3:1 reduction.

Nah we have 4:1 on our RedLine motors (essentially 775pros but red) and with 2" of compression that ball flies like mad.

Are you using 4in or 6in wheels? And are you using a hooded shooter or two wheel shooter?

2 wheel shooter but with a hood, 4in on bottom 3in on top to still allow a backspin.

Also more compression, at 1" the ball is slipping too much to accelerate. I think everyone has been posting about 2". If you are making a hooded shooter, add some padding to the hood.

We are at 2 inches of compression direct driving 2 775s with a 4 inch wheel and we are only hitting 25 ft with a hooded shooter. We are thinking of changing the compression to get more distance. Do you suggest going up on compression or down?

25ft isn’t horrible. That’s half field. How much of an arch do you have? What wheels are you using? And do you have additional mass to improve your flywheel.