just out of curiosity, who on these forums unicycles? and what is your skill level.

I can ride a unicycle myself altho im not an expert at it by any means. I can ride foward, turn, stop, mount without assistance, and juggle while riding (I suppose I should save juggling for another thread)… thats about it. I am currently working on the ability to ride backwards which will hopefully progress into spinning around and continuing to ride…hopefully:rolleyes:.

Learn to idle. Seriously, it makes unicycling way more fun (and easier). Also, since you didn’t mention it, hopping is really really easy, and really fun. (and for some strange reason, people think it’s impressive, seriously, it’s easier than riding!)

Earlier in the year I worked on riding backwards, and I can get like 2 revolutionsish. Which was where I got stuck for a few months riding forward when I learned. :rolleyes:

But yes, unicycles are good.

I’m working on level 4 (and riding with the seat out. I’m pretty sure it’s impossible, despite the fact it’s supposed to be easy)

Also, if you’re looking for fun, find a big steep grassy hill and ride down it. You learn better balance and control real quick, and it’s just plain fun.

[EDIT]And if you’ve got friends who are decent at unicycling, unicyle boffer is highly entertaining, for both the participants and anyone who walks by!

I can only get about 1/2 revolution backwards… :frowning:
but that’s okay, one-footing it is more fun!

I can basically ride backwards, one footed (only with my right foot), jump a little, and idle both regularly and on 1 foot. I’m not good by any means, and I haven’t really ridden it for a while…

Out of curiosity, what do you have? I have a QU-AX, and both of my brother’s have similar unicycles (with the massive creepy crawly tires, although I have the longest cranks… which kinda stinks!)

yes it’s up i knew it was a matter of time
i ride mostly muni i and a bit of trials i can’t idle but can hop really pretty good my brothers all ride so we have a 24"nimbus 2(with kh cranks there a must for big guy like me) and torker 5’giraffe a torker lx 20"and 24" and a really bad 20 torker cx and a bc
i think right now team grr 340-424 has the most unicyclist of all FIRST teams with 5 riders how many does your team have