Unidentifiable Gear

We have a couple 24 tooth 20DP gears with .375” hex bores (only one bore per gear). The problem, however, is that the gears have different measurements from the ones on the AndyMark website. The design drawing states that the width is .375 inches; however, our gears have widths of a little over half an inch. I haven’t been able to find official measurements for our gears. Does anyone know where they might be?

Sorry, I meant only one flange per gear, not one bore per gear.

Hi there,

If you could post a couple pictures of all faces and measurements of the face width of this gear, that would be helpful to identify it.


It looks like that isn’t a current AndyMark part… maybe you just need to follow your measurements?

Sounds like a old tough box gear.

Yeah that’s very likely. Do you know where I can find design drawings of those older gears?

Does it look like this?


post a picture or two…

One side of these gears has a boss (raised edge)

There is a link on the description that leads to the toughbox…

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Yeah it looks like that, but the face width on that one is .375”. The width of ours is over half an inch.

Sorry I caught that after I posted. :eek:

I have gone through my KOP CAD library and didn’t see anything that thick.
It does sound like a toughbox gear, though my KOP’s only go back to 2011 on my system at home. I will check the CAD library at the shop tomorrow.