Unigraphics NX4 thoughts

This year, I am starting at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. All full time students are required to have a laptop, usually provided (for a price) by the school (really nice thinkpads). On the school provided machines, we get a number of nice programs. One of the programs that I was interested in was Unigraphics NX4, which replaced Solidworks. I did some reading into the program, and found out that it does parametric modeling (CAD), CAE, and CAM. It seemed intriguing, but I wondered if anybody has had experience, professional or otherwise, with this software and what you thought of it. Is it easy to use? How quickly do you think an Inventor user will adapt to it? Your thoughts are appreciated.

Wow, I was certified in NX3 this past school year.
NX3 just came out, I didn’t know that there was already a NX4.

There was a bunch of inventor users at GMTA, They caught on really quick to NX2 and NX3.
I haven’t used NX4, but if they didn’t make that many changes, then it should be pretty easy.

id like to see this program, do you have any screenshots?

Unigraphics and Solidworks are two different companies. The NX series of software is supposed to do everything that Ideas and UG surfacer did all in one program. I haven’t used the software much but I saw a demo at a convention a while back. To me it looks like a more user friendly version of pro-e then solidworks.

I think that he meant NX4 replaced SolidWorks at RPI. (SolidWorks and CATIA are both from divisions of Dassault, but one isn’t a replacement for the other.)

Ha…yea that makes sense.

NX4 is defenitally a nice program and I would highly suggest you get it and use it. It can do anything inventor can, plus much more. Depending on your CAD expierence and how much time you spend learning NX4, it could take a few days to a few weeks to get the hang of it. But I would bet more towards days, as it is pretty easy to use.

Best of luck!