Unique Custom Made Parts

Seeing as another competition season comes to a close i was wondering some custom unique parts your team made?
This year we redesigned our custom 3D printed bearing blocks for our chassis as well and out chassis spacers. The spacers helped stop the C-channel from getting pinched if people over tightened the bolts, while not taking up a lot of weight .(PLA adds up quick in weight.)
The two big items that helped this year were the custom Talon Towers and lead screw spacers designed like shaft collars. The spacers were two halves that tighten together and make the lead screw not able to go to the very bottom and lose balls as well as dampen the blow if driven fast.

The talon tower was a design taught up by our CADer after we wanted to consolidate room, it stacks 2 talons on top of each other and puts two more back to back. That makes 4 talons stacked up back to back with ease to wire and confined to a small space, with one on each side we had more then enough space for the talons.

We custom made our worm-gearbox for our lift, in order to have it not backdrive. We lathe-d down our pulley in between Center Line and MSC in order to pick up a stack of 4 and thus effectively score 6-stacks. We also used rollerblade wheels on our custom water-jetted lift carriage to prevent binding. We started out using 3D-printed parts to grab tilted-over recycling containers, but they ended up breaking early into the Southfield district.

Walking the pits and during inspections, I recall seeing some nicely designed 3D printed parts on two robots.

2826 Wave had some cool 550 motor covers protecting the terminals and guiding the leads, for their intake.

2500 Herobotics had beautiful elevator bearing trucks printed in ABS to guide on angle.

Pictures from these teams would be great to see posted/linked here.

turned turned turned turned turned TURNED!!!

The Aztechs 3D printed a lot of parts on our robot.

  1. The battery holder with a power switch plate.

  2. All the bearing holders for our wheel axles. This was really cool, because we ended up printing it so that the bearing was inside of the print by printing half, placing the bearing in, and then printing the rest. We tested the shear force it would take to break the printing, and when we got 110 lbs of lateral force, the bearing broke before the actual printing did.

  3. Limit switch mounts. This allowed for fine-tuned adjusting when necessary.

  4. Camera mount

  5. Motor Holder for our planetary gear motor for our lift mechanism.

If you guys want any of these CAD files PM me. I’m super happy to share. :smiley:

We used an EDM to make our tensioners and mounts for our elevator belting. We also used it to create a sleeve to put over our hex carbon fiber tubing so we could machine holes for our cylinder fittings.