Unique FIRST

Posted by Joshua Berthiaume.

Other on team #131, C.H.A.O.S., from Manchester Central HS and Osram Slyvania and Fleet Bank.

Posted on 4/19/2000 3:49 PM MST

What makes first so unique? I was thinking about this the other day when I was talking to my little brother whoh will be joining our team next year when he gets to HS. It came about ‘Why is first unique’ between him and I because he couldnt understand why I lost my voice at the competiton in florida or why being picked is great or why you do almost anything to win. The defense the offense. everything about FIRST. On this page all we do is discuss pro’s and con’s about the whole FIRST experience. Hoping that it fits what we want it to be. But would it be just as great if we could have it how we wanted. Maybe having Allainces the way they are or having it in florida so that there is that distraction called ‘Play’ ther. Cause in life that ‘Play’ is always there. Or having three times your opponents score. so that in life you have to help the people that are under you. I have learned so much about EVERTHING in the last two years I have been on the team. I still hve 2 years left!! When I say to my soccer teamates ‘oh yeah we did really well in the FIRST competition’ they look at me weird because it is a ‘geek’ thing. When first turns into more like a sport it will lose some of that uniqueness that is there. I think this year to succed at a first competition it took every bit from every team member. The teams and team members that did this I congradulate you. I just wanted to know if other people felt the same that if we change to much about FIRST it will lose that unique part, that nothing else has. It will stay ‘Fun’

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Team 131