Unique Robot Designs for Charged Up

I’ve seen some very efficient, and well performing robots, but not many that have blown my mind away.

I encourage you to share robots that were mind blowing to you the first time you saw them, in this thread.


I was watching a match video of 3357, but seeing 1918 NC Gears on the other alliance I was like “what the heck is that design?” And they ranked #4 at their first event.


This robot is really cool!


I saw that in real life at a pre-season event.
Very fun to watch!!
Made me smile every time that I saw it run!!

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My team (5468) has a pretty crazy design for an arm. Multiple lead screws, 5 different joints. It looks like an arm on a car assembly line. Here’s one of our matches. Qualification 61 - 2023 PNW District Clackamas Academy Event - YouTube


Every single year, team 5818 comes up with the most insane floppy intakes, and I love them. They’ve had to dissolve and reform as team 9084 this year (they were originally left over students from 1717). I’ll be seeing their robot tomorrow at Ventura and I can’t wait to see what they’ve come up with this time.


2881 the lady cans blew my mind at Waco with their double pneumatic suction cup that worked on cones and cubes, I’d recommend watching their behind the bumpers here Behind the Bumpers | 2881 Lady Cans | Suction Intake & Climb Assist - YouTube



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We often come up with a utility design made to complement teams at FIM and CMP. It was intentional and planned, but a bit of a chance this season. We are competing at FIMWM this weekend and have rehearsed it a bit more and should look nice.

This thread would be remiss if it didn’t mention 5414. 5 cube auto, cube shooter, separate cone intake, big ol’ stick to get into the community.

Reveal video!


I really like the Citrus Circuits climber! 1678 Citrus Circuits Competition Robot Reveal 2023 - YouTube

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