Unique team accessories

My team has had cowboy hats for years, and its been our “thing”. Recently a team in our district who has the same team colors and a similar theme bought cowboy hats… Multiple people (including announcers) mixed up our teams :expressionless:
I’m trying to figure out a unique accessory we can have to distinguish ourselves, any ideas?

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571 Team Paragon has these really unique blue and orange feather hats and capes that they wear to events, although I don’t have a picture of them. I’m sure one is out there.

Team 4269, the Cardinalbots, has some nifty cardinal hats that our drive team often wears.

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Orange tutus for the drive team! And for loaning out to alliance members :wink: And the occasional ref!

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We have skunk tails for drive team and alliance partners we also baseball hats with little tails but these are just optional fun accessories. Your team could maybe try horse tails. Looking forward see what you wear at Sammamish!


5199 The Robot Dolphins from Outer Space absolutely do it the best.

Their drive team has tear off pants for the start of every match:


Our RoboDox Labcoats are pretty unique, I’m pretty sure no one else wears labcoats and we’ve been doing it since 2000

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2980 has lab coats, they are at the same events as us usually so it would be confusing if we had those lol

We always have green face glitter, and I’m working on crafting a rubber duck headband for myself (and the rest of drive team if they want one!!)

also, we have a mascot costume that students wear in the stands during matches, and our coaches wear it when we make it into playoffs. It’s definitely unique and memorable to anyone who sees us.

our team in the stands has cowbells. does that count?
also I usually get our drive team hats. kinda a tradition me and my co driver started back in 2011

You could get team specific (color and/or name) bands for the cowboy hats to make them stand out more.

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3468 has had its jumpsuits/coveralls where Seniors get Grey with a nickname and the rest of the team get Red with their name.

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