Unity-I'm looking for a person who understands UNITY

Have you seen the mountain mayhem XRP Game Mountain Mayhem Animation? I am looking for someone to help me make a VRS (https://vrobotsim.com/) version of the XRP game Mountain Mayhem field-Step 1 is to export the cad/step file put it into blender- reduce the triangles. Then we put the field into unity -add the physics. etc Interested? (I have the cad-step files)

I’ve been working with Unity for over 3 years now but i have no experience with VRS.
In my personal experience the newer (2021) versions of unity are able to handle large detailed models and you just need to adjust the rigidbody, not reduce the size in blender.
Granted i have not run extensive physics simulations just small games so results may vary.

Hi- Well the first thing to do is then to import the field into unity and add the physics. Once you have that done, Then you need to do a Web GL export- Eventually I can give you access to our Github site, We have some documentation that might be useful- After the Webgl export is done. The Webgl export can then go into our VRS framework . And then we add the robot- With the correct physics and then we go forward. Thoughts?

so you just need someone to add rigid bodies and make a build?
or is there more i’m missing?

They should give you an overview of the VRS and how it works
VRS Design Diagram.drawio (1) (1).pdf - Google Drive or this An overview of communication in the VRS - Google Docs

Well that would be the start then we’ll bring in some other guidance to help you make it work-

Have you ever used packages in unity?

Sounds good, i can take a closer look tomorrow and try to get a build up

yes, i am very familiar

Sweet! I’m excited to work with you!

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