Universal goal location designations

It seems to me that in order for team coaches to communicate with their drivers, and their two alliance coaches, there should be a consistant terminology for identifying goal positions. We discussed it and would suggest the following:
Left 3 . . . . . Center 3 . . . . . Right 3

Left 2 . . . . . Center 2 . . . . . Right 2

Left 1 . . . . . Center 1 . . . . . Right 1**

Where one is the closest to the driver, and three is the farthest.

As long as people know their right from their left (with which I’ll admit I still have some difficulty) this would make it easy to instruct a driver or suggest to an alliance member to go after a specific goal.

Whatever the terminology is it should be agreed on between teams prior to a match, but I think it would really make it easy if we have something universal that all teams already know.

What do you think out there, and how do we spread the word? :cool:

Well, how about one is closest to the crowd, and three is closest to the screen? This would be helpful for team-to-team interaction, seeing as they have different driving stations.

I like the idea of always going from left to right since that is more natural. This way, it doesn’t matter what side you’re on. Same idea goes for the row further from you being 3.

Row one would be the row closest to all the driver stations
Row three the farthest

The opposing alliance would be referring to your row one as row three, but that wouldn’t matter

The crowd and screen locations won’t necessarily be consistent between venues

Why don’t you make them more obvious? how about this…

Left Back… Center Back… Right Back
Left Mid… Center Mid… Right Mid
Left Front… Center Front… Right Front

Then people don’t have to memorize numbers to correspond to goals. Its simple, you can’t mistake Back with Front.

You could also see them as columns and call out near middle or far, 1,2, and three.
Far 1…Far 2…Far 3

Middle 1…Middle 2…Middle 3

Near 1…Near 2…Near 3**

What do you think is Simpler to remember?

Center Middle is a lot of sylables
It would be nice if they were all 2 sylable designations.

How about just like this…

Opposing alliance

7 8 9
4 5 6
1 2 3

Your Alliance

Easiest way to remember this is to think of it like the number pad on your keyboard, but I guess you could also flip it and think of it like a phone keypad. The point is, you can use this if you don’t want to think “left center right” or “close middle far”.

I think this numbering system is also used to express directional motions in some fighting games.

2 3 6 + P, anybody?

Mostly one syllable which is nice, but I’m concerned about the memorization.

Yeah, I know what you mean, but that’s what you used, so I figured I’d keep it. And I didn’t think Mid Mid would be so great.

Far 1…Far 2…Far 3

Mid 1…Mid 2…Mid 3

Near 1…Near 2…Near 3**

Got to go out now, but I’ll check back late tonight

I think that the easiest way would be best :smiley:
I’ m prob just gonna be like
their left…their center…their right
center left…center center…center right
Our left…our center…our right
it will probably end up being me screaming :ahh: that one their while pointing to one

While you may think this can be civil now, on the field I think it will go a little something like this…

I know it’s going to be crazy with 6 bots on the field but I do think it will help if people are speaking the same language.

Are there any experienced drivers out there that have a suggestion. You’re the ones getting screamed at. What do you want to hear? :cool:

My suggestion (from opponents’ side toward you)

Far left == Far center == Far right

Center left == Center center == Center Right

Home Left == Home Center == Home Right

Each address is unique, and obvious. Opting to call opponents side ‘Far’ instead of ‘opponent’ or something… just because they start their doesn’t mean they will control those towers =D

OK, here’s the shortest, and seems to be easy to remember:

Far Left…Far Mid…Far Right

Mid Left…CENTER…Mid Right

Near Left…Near Mid…Near Right

Everything’s two sylables :D:D:D:D:D

Hope you like it, i think its what i’ll use

i like.


I would say either this one (in the above quote) or the number-pad one:

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
your alliance

since our minds tend to think right to left, top to bottom, this should be pretty easy to remember

Another idea is to refer to the blue and red ends of the field

Blue left == Blue center == Blue right

Mid left == Mid center == Mid Right

Red Left == Red Center == Red Right

Of course you would have to remember which end of the field you are on.

If you eliminate left and right (ie. blue auto, blue center, blue human or blue back, blue center, blue front) this would also work for the announcer calling the match.

Our team wanted to standardize on the number pad format, but after seeing this thread, I think the above format is better in a pressure situation (which I don’t think will be unusual in this year’s game).

I would like to suggest a slight change to the above, namely saying the row before the column. That seems a little easier for me to spit out for some reason. So it would be “Row 1 left” and which would be abbreviated as follows:

3 left . . . . . 3 center . . . . . 3 right

2 left . . . . . 2 center . . . . . 2 right

1 left . . . . . 1 center . . . . . 1 right **

i think it is a great idea Mr. A did you tell our engineers about this yet?