Universal items...which do you perfer?

I cant even choose my self…

Duct tape is definately the best because its universal. If you need to cover something sharp, wrap it in duct tape!! If you need a quick and cheap rose for valentines day for the robot, get the duct tape [yes it is possible to have duct tape roses]. Zip ties are limited to belts and hair ties and than there is their designed purpose =/ Duct tape all the way. =]

Chuck Norris has the stickiness of duct tape, the power of zipties, and the universal influence of a major diety. Chuck Norris - I choose you!

Yes duck tape makes a great flower

but zip ties are like … awesome. i mean they have more uses than you can think off… i mean just dump them everywhere and its a nasty version of 52 pick up…

I still cant choose >.<

One thing that zip ties have that duct tape doesn’t–you can undo zip ties with no mess and have them usable again (provided you know how).

Zip ties.

Granted, at least half of our robot last year was zip ties. So much so that cutting a few off finally helped us make the weight limit. :rolleyes:

i chose the zip ties because i think they look a lot neater than the duck tape. although if fruity pebble’s is on your team i would use duck tape because it is more universal and if used properly it looks good

Zip ties, you can just do so much more with them, from attaching bumpers on cars (almost all the professional drifters use them) to even stiching up cracks on things

when you REALLY need to fix something, hose clamps have saved me several times

velcro and double sided foam tape are way up there

but all in all, the universal all purpose material is JB Weld Epoxy!

well zip ties are fun to pull pranks with but that is all i really use them for, but duck tape on the other hand is much better because you can put the duck tape in your peeps hair and in Idaho there is a show called The Red Green Show{ yes it is probably a red neck show] but it is very funny and all the guys use is duck tape 2 by 4S and wupi cushions… sorry about the blab ling I just had to get my 2 cents in.