Universities that have affiliated FIRST teams

The following is a list of the colleges I applied to. I’m trying to see which of them have affiliated FIRST teams (not just sponsored). By “affiliated,” I’m taking my benchmark to be the Purdue FIRST Programs and their their teams: 461, 1646, and 1747. Purdue provides money and its students serve as mentors.

MIT: Team 97
Princeton: any?
Harvard: any?
Yale: Team 558 (are they affiliated, or just sponsored?)
Stanford: any?
UChicago: any?
Caltech: any?
Purdue: Teams 461, 1646, 1747

Hey, if none of the schools that work with teams directly fit what you want in a university, also take a look at schools that support regionals. Those often need volunteers several weeks of the year in the planning and setup stages.

We are affiliated with the University of Hartford. We have several professors on our team, and would love to have some engineering students.


Kettering University is affiliated with 1506, Metal Muscle and possibly another team. Dean Kamen was given an Honorary Doctor of Engineering Degree in 2001 as well as Steve Wozniak (co-founder of apple) in 2005. So, that’s pretty cool.


Have you checked out Collegiate FIRST yet? http://www.collegiatefirst.org is an excellent resource started by Amanda Morrison and is populated by team 71.


In the state of Wisconsin
UW-Platteville - Team #171
Milwaukee School of Engineering - Money available to all teams in the state(Contact Admissions Office). College Mentors through the MFSO or other non-MFSO students
Marquette University - Teams #1714, #1732, #1864, #2202

Also, a number of technical colleges are involved with FIRST in many ways.

I’ve applied to Virginia Tech, Clemson, NC State and Georgia Tech. As far as I know, ASME at Clemson mentors an FLL team and Virginia Tech has FRC 401, the Hokie Guard. I’d be interested to hear from any 401 students/mentors or if anyone knows if the other universities also run teams.

NC State sponsors 435, but I don’t know if they are affiliated in other ways as well.

Team #857 is supported through sponsors from Michigan Tech, and its students (in the FIRST Robotics Enterprise – meaning you get credit for your senior design project) serve as mentors to both team #857 and #2153, our rookie team from this year.

We’re planning on starting one more rookie team for next season, in addition to helping #2153 find new local sponsorship, and starting a VEX program – it should be an exciting year!! :slight_smile:

It’s great how many universities are embracing FIRST. For them, it’s really a win-win situation. For just the cost of one student’s tuition, they can sponsor an entire team of students and inspire them to pursue math, science, engineering, and technology. It’s puzzling, though, that these universities don’t advertise what they’re doing. If Purdue didn’t host a regional, I doubt that anyone outside of FIRST would know that Purdue is very active in supporting robotics.

And by the way, thanks for the collegiateFIRST link. It seems that Stanford has a team as well, 114 (EagleStrike).

Princeton University does not sponsor a FRC, FVC, or FLL team

WPI has sponsored FRC Team 190 since 1992, and has a lot of involvement in mentoring other local FRC and FVC teams. WPI has also hosted the annual BattleCry off-season competition for the past eight years, which besides IRI, is the best off-season competition in the country!

The University of Michigan sponsors Team #830, the Rat Pack. We spent our first four years as just a group of U-M students who mentored a local team, but now the College of Engineering and a couple departments sponsor the team.

California Polytechnic has a few professors as mentors on 973. They also give us money and they’re thinking about starting a regional. :smiley:

Since Michigan is represented, I must mention that The Ohio State University School of Engineering sponsors a few teams in the Columbus area, they are 667, 1014 and 1317. Check out the OSU First page at http://www.osufirst.org/index.php/Main_Page

Umm, which CalPoly?

Team #558 is, in fact, sponsored by Yale. They are one of our founding sponsors, and if it wasn’t for their efforts we would not have been able to attend that nationals this year for the first time. If you decide to attend Yale, please contact us (our website is www.robosquad558.com or you can contact Hill Regional Career High School in New Haven) as we are always on the lookout for new mentors, especially college age ones who can relate to the high school students.

Elm City Robo-Squad Team #558
Quarterfinalist, Curie Division, 2007 Championships
Winners, 2007 UTC New England Regional
Daimler-Chrysler Team Spirit Award, 2007 UTC Regional
Finalist, 2006 UTC Regional
Quaterfinalist, 2005 UTC Regional (7th seed and alliance captain)
Imagery Award, 2005 UTC Regional

Just a quick correction to a typo, OSU mentors 677 (not 667), 1014 and 1317. (I know it was just a typo because Dan was an excellent mentor to all three of these teams at one point or another.)

Cal Poly San Luis. Growing up here I never remember that there is more then one.

Clarkson University sponsors and mentors team 229. They are also in the process of starting an FVC and FLL competition at Clarkson