University of Michigan Ri3D Robot!

Hi all!

We are the FIRST Alumni and Mentors Network at Michigan (FAMNM) and we did our first Robot in 3 Days build this year! Check it out here: We will be participating at the FIRST Alumni Collegiate Competition (FACC) on January 20th at the Kettering University FIRST Community Center.


Looks good, and a simple enough design that just about any team could build something like it. Can’t wait to see it in action at Kettering in this weekend!

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I know Kettering buys their own fields for competitions. Will they be putting up the official field for yours? Is it open to the public to come watch? I would love to take a couple of students to watch the game being played and see an official field. Is it being broadcast?

Kettering is building the field right now. It’s not an official field, other than it’s being built to the wood field specs. The field that Kettering uses during competition season is one that is rotated throughout the FiM season, and Kettering winds up with an official field after MSC. Trust me, Kettering would LOVE to have an official field at KickOff, but FIRST just won’t do it. Maybe some year…

Looks good! KISS approved!

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Anyone know if the event at Kettering will be broadcast or recorded?

I know they were looking for AV volunteers, but I do not know if they will broadcast. As I recall, the room the field will be in does not have many ethernet ports.

Ah, that makes sense. I was misinformed. I know their off season events had one. It was always fun to go.

It will be broadcast and recorded.

The live stream will be provided by Kettering at (starting tomorrow, January 20, at 10am).