Unlikely, but worth asking.

Do robots that are on the field have access to the internet? :open_mouth:

This would mean that the FMS would have to be connected to the internet, obviously the judges have internet. I’m just curious if the robots also do. Though I very seriously doubt.


The judges have internet? I thought they used clipboards. They really have no need for internet access.

The venues try to get internet to FMS, however the routing on the field prevents the robot networks from getting internet. I don’t know if all the judges have internet, I think that may be event specific.

Short answer: No.

Longer answer: The only “required” internet connection at a regional is for FMS, so that FIRST can monitor and communicate with the field and field staff at all times (if there’s a question about a field having problems, FIRST can remotely reboot everything from their end!). This doesn’t carry over to the robots however.

Also, most regionals that I have been at do not have internet access, the judges don’t use/need it for their deliberations.

The Twitter feed gets posted through the internet connection as well.

Exactly FMS has internet access because they know that they will not interfere with the matches but they are worried about other people in the stands that will interfere with the match.