Unlisted Legal Motors

Hi all,

It has come to my attention that there may be motors acceptable in FRC competition, that are not necessarily listed in the legal motors table. Specifically, I would like to know if Tetrix motors can be used on a an FRC robot. If anyone has any information on this, or has anything relevant to add, the input is welcome.


If it is not listed in the legal motor section, it is not legal for competition use this year. So no, the Tetrix motors are not legal.

If you think you have a legal motor, but a different part number, ask on Q&A. Otherwise, the only legal motors are those given in R32. (Hint: Tetrix motors aren’t one of them.) If you want to use Tetrix motors, the BaneBots motors or the AndyMark 9015 are the closest equivalents that are legal.

maybe you are hearing about last year’s “any previously FIRST legal motor” rule?

Tetrix motors were never legal, except for 2011’s minibot.

Agreed that tetrix motors aren’t FRC legal this year.

However, there is a virtually infinite number of legal motors not listed via the junk yard PDV. Otherwise, if it isn’t listed, 95% chance it isn’t legal.

Sorry, no such thing as an unlisted legal motor.

This is not true this year. There is no PDV for junkyard motors, unlike last year. The ARA donation this year went into FIRST Choice - FIRST got a bunch of specific types of motors donated, and added them to FIRST Choice, and those are listed as part of R32.

The only legal motors this year are listed in R32. Anything else (from the junkyard, store, online, prior robots, prior KoP’s, etc) is not legal!.

There is one kind of motor that is legal per R32, but not listed by part number. In Table 4-1, under Window Motors, there are two part numbers (262100-3030/40) plus the line “Various from FIRST Choice”. Take a look, there are a few window motors on FIRST Choice in addition to the two listed by part number.

So, we have an explicitly limited list of legal motors for 2013. The table in R32, plus the window motors in FIRST Choice, specify all legal motors. Sorry, Tetrix and ARA motors are not among them.