Unmetered solenoids

Are we allowed to use un-metered solenoid valves this year?

And can we use the 120 psi for our cylinders or just 60psi? Were fuzzy on the “working” vs “stored”

For your second question, divide your pneumatic section in two. Generation/storage and working air. On generation and storage, you can have 120 psi, and between generation and working air have a regulator set to 60 psi.

But can we use 120 on pistons?

They are called “cylinders” and no…you can only have 60 psi in the working system of your pneumatics…that is, the part that performs your mechanical tasks.

If it isn’t listed in R77, it isn’t legal. That said, solenoids are fairly wide open–take a look at R77C, R77D, and R75–but also R74, which simply says that if it isn’t listed, it can’t be used.

Now, as for the second question: You have two pressures. Pressure #1 includes the compressor, pressure sensor, vent valve, at least one gauge, and as many storage tanks as you care to have at 120 psi–and a regulator. Figure 4-15 from R78 may be helpful here.

Pressure #2, on the other side of that regulator, is at 60 psi, and includes a gauge and however many solenoids and cylinders you happen to be using, possibly including more storage tanks and possibly some regulators as well.

Oh, and there IS a rule on this. R83 is what you were missing–it’s a list of what can be at 120 psi. There are no cylinders or solenoids in that list.

Can you describe what you mean by “un-metered”?