Unnofficial FIRSTish get together this Friday @ 6 Flags New England!

COme one come all, to 6 Flags New England this Friday. (7-15-05)

It’s the last day of the special with a season pass you can bring a friend for 10 bucks.

So, whip out those season passes, bring a friend, wear your team shirt (so we can recognize you) and come on over to 6 Flags New England.

I’ll be wearing my 237 shirt, definately.

Even if you don’t have a season pass, find someone who does, or just come anyways, to 6 Flags amd hang with some FIRSTers…

Who knows, maybe we can do some nerdy stuff like calculate velocities, and trajectories of the roller coasters, and see if I get sick at the top, and I’m going 60 miles an hour, who will that projectile hit in the cars behind me… :eek:
Or maybe not. :rolleyes: :yikes:

PM me if you plan on going, I can maybe tell you where we may be at certain times of the day, or give you a number to call if you show up and can’t find any of us.

Catch ya later.

O! O! O! I wanna come! Okay… too bad I’m broke, just went to Adventureland (Des Moines, IA) on Monday, and live in the Midwest. But Elgin, I’ll be there in spirit. :wink: O yeah… and I conquered my fears of heights and rollercoasters thanks to my g/f… took her half the day to get me to ride a rollercoaster. lmao. Have fun!

Do you think I can call in sick? :smiley:

Don’t get me started on Six Flags :mad:

Horrible if any ride upkeep, terrible guest service, expensive yet tasteless food, lackluster grounds and theming, and did I mention terrible guest service?

So Elgin, you might want to change your plans and visit Lake Compounce, the most amazing small park in America.

And oh yeah… you can see me too! :slight_smile:

Well, you could say you are needed as a chaperone at a FIRST event…
Think your work would go for that? :slight_smile:

Want a letter? I have an official looking signature… :yikes:

The Golden Ticket doesnt lie.

We should have something like this at Six Flags Magic Mountain for those of us in SoCal. That place has some of the most wicked coasters.

I was about to say that…I’d be totally up for it :slight_smile:

I think you guys should move the get-together closer to, say, Wisconsin. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think my work is tired of hearing about robotics! (too bad) And if I wasn’t so bogged down with work this week I would definitely be joining you.

I’d be happy to go if:
A. I can change my work schedule so I’m not working 10-6 tomorrow
B. Somebody has a buddy coupon that I will be able to use (a reply or PM to confirm this please!)

Both of those are within reason so hopefully I will see some people there.

Update: work changed, just need a season pass holder with a coupon…

Let me say that as someone who splits their year between southern California and central Massachusetts, I’d take Six Flags New England over Magic Mountain any day. New England may have poor upkeep and customer service, but Magic Mountain is the only park where I’ve had a knife pulled on me and it wasn’t the scariest thing that happend that day (the scariest was when my shoulder restraint popped open on the lift hill). Plus, New England has Superman: Ride of Steel.

Really? From the name, I would’ve assumed California Adventure would be your first choice.

/part-time coaster freak

It’s not as if Riverside Park was a model of guest satisfaction, either. :slight_smile:

Speaking of, I miss the Black Widow… :frowning: I used to just spend the day up at Riverside (when it was still named that) riding that 1 loop coaster.

I didn’t realize why Riverside was actually named Riverside until years later, in maybe 98-99 or so when I finally went on the huge Ferris Wheel and actually saw the river. Now when I go on Scream, I can see it as well. :rolleyes:

Are you going to IRI?


Umm… no… why? Is that sitting in a field in Indiana or something?? :ahh:

I remember going to Six Flags New England and it was a FIRSTer get together. Wow, that was a long time ago. I had gone to Battlecry in 2001. Michael and I stayed at Patrick Dingle’s place. All in all, it had been Patrick (on 630 at the time), Michael & I (271, I believe), Lora Knepper (don’t remember her team), and Caitlin (126). It was a lot of fun and reading this post brought back those memories. I wish I could go…but I’ve relocated to San Diego, CA. Have fun and ride a roller coaster for me!

It’s currently at ‘Indiana Beach’, an abandoned amusement park that acts as a boneyard for all Six Flags parks. There are a lot of rides stored there, left out in the elements. Most of them cannot be fully saved.

I bet a bunch of FIRSTers could put them all back together into one extremely fun and very dangerous ride. They could even break it down so it could be taken the Chamionship and assembled there for the afterparty! I think someone should write a letter to ‘Indiana Beach’ asking permission to FIRSTers to “have at it” to make these rides rise from the ashes!

Haha yea it would, considering I do have a year pass there, but hey, I’ll take any amusement park of decent worth :slight_smile:

/coaster enthusiast