Unofficial CD Teamspeak!

Hey peoples. Feel free to come on in and chat. Still working on the site. You can join us at:

Talk robots.

I don’t know if it is my connection, browser or whatever, but I do not get a page to load of a or . Are others having trouble?

you have to download TEAMSPEAK its not your browser

Thank you

Cool. Everything is up and running. I just need to find a fix for comcast’s weird problems. The site is also there now, albeit plain and lacking any information.

Ok so everything is running smoothly. Some minor server glitches thanks to comcast:)

Server Back up this morning as a result of power outage.

It’s weird how no one is using it saying as that several people requested it.

is this still up?

As of now (10:51 PCT 1/10/09) it is offline

It’s been tried before several times, and people always claim they’ll use it.

Well no one was using it so I took it offline!

Yeah, I just don’t think the FIRST and/or ChiefDelphi community is really ready for online voice communication. And it seems like an excellent idea, to help people discuss the game, designs, strategies, etc.

lol thats why it wasnt working, lol i didnt read the whole thread.

Ok. It is back online. I just didn’t see anyone ever on it. If people populate it, then it is a great tool.