Unofficial Photo shop contest

Okay, I know you may be saying “Didn’t Luke just post one of these?”

And the answer is yes… He did. But Mine is different.

In this one, the submissions don’t have to be FIRST related, Instead of being judged on the humor and inspirational value, This one will be judged on the quality of the editing and on the amount of creativity. I will provide a number of source Pictures to use, and you turn them into whatever your heart desires… Most of the source pictures have to be present in the final product, however you may leave one out. Also, I do not choose the winner: you do; At the beginning of the next contest, I will include a poll of the 5 best entries from the last contest, and you vote on which one you liked the most.These contest will be held weekly.

P.S. in each entry, State what program you used to achieve the final product. Multiple entries are allowed.

However: I am not going to put forth any effort until I know that people will actually play the game; so if you like the Idea and would play it, or if you have any suggestions that would make you want to play, please post them.:slight_smile:
If support is shown; the pictures below will be the source pictures for the first contest.

Here are some sample source pics:

Your first link isn’t working for me.

Theres an extra ’ at the end. Just erase it in the URL

the original



mine…did it a very long time ago…probably a year or so:

Five minutes after reading this…

How many people can say new tee shirt!

…it’s in devlopement PM for details and logo is allready done but that’s sweet.

[back on topic]

Are they always gonna be like natureish pictures?

No, there will be a theme to each contest… Such as: Nature, or Cityscapes, or Cars, or ponies, or something like that.

Heh ponies…

Sounds cool.

But count me out for this round.