Unofficial Southern California Vex Competition

Lancaster High School Team 399 will be hosting a kickoff event and unofficial Southern California Vex Robotics Competition on January 7th. The day will begin with the FIRST robotics kickoff event presented via satelite in our schools theater, which holds approximately 400. Following the kickoff the Vex scrimmage will begin. Several other booths will be setup for teams interested in brainstorming for the 2006 FRC competition. Food will also be available for purchase throughout the entire day.

This is an excellent opportunity for teams to participate in a FIRST Vex competition. Currently there are no scheduled official or unofficial Vex events for the West Coast posted on the FIRST website. We are in negotiations with Karen Smith to post this event on the FIRST website. For more information or interest in registration for this event please email:

[email protected]
[email protected]

We have an SCRRF-Sponsored VEX competition in December, check for more information.

there is also a CSUN sponsored VEX event on December 16

WPI also runs a FREE Vex tournament in November and December called Savage Soccer. Check it out at

Please note that this thread originated LAST YEAR, in 2005. A complete listing of over 20 current season (2006-2007) official FVC tournament events can be found at including several on the west coast. Unofficial events are also listed there.

Please check dates before posting to old threads! Thanks!

The CSUN Vex comp and the Los Angeles Championship Regional on December 16th are the same event. Contact me if you want some help registering, or contact Chris H., he is in charge of SCRRF.