Unplaced ubertubes

What we do with ubertubes between autonomous and teleop. We can’t hang ubertubes during teleop (<G16>), but we also MUST start the game in contact with an ubertube.

So what do you do with it if you don’t place it during autonomous?

Currently the answer is unlisted in the manual. It would be a good question to post to the official Q&A Boards when opened.

This may have been a typo, but <G16> applies to the Teleoperated period.

As I understand it, you can place them during Autonomous…<G16> refers to during the Teleoperated period only, I believe, based on the heading of the subsection.

If you mean what happens in the Teleoperated period if you didn’t place it during Autonomous…as far as I can tell, you pretty much might as well just drop it somewhere, since you can’t do anything with it then.

Same thing you did with keepers in 2007: Drop them instantly. It might be to your advantage to have a “drop now” right at the end of automode, if you didn’t have one before.

Sorry about the teleop/autonomous typo confusion. Fixed it.

That’s what I assumed. I’m just waiting for the matches in which there are 6 ubertubes littering the ground.

At Peachtree in 2007, occasionally a keeper was “in danger of scoring” (i.e. on the spider-leg, but not fully supported by it) at the end of autonomous. When this happened, the head ref would stop the game, walk out onto the field, free the keeper from the robot’s arm (popping it if needed), walk off the field, and then start teleoperated. This was not done if the keeper was not “in danger of scoring”. I don’t know if the refs will do that this year.

What you do is you drop the ubertube when in teleoperated mode… In the way of the opposing teams. :stuck_out_tongue:

There is no prohibition against carrying ubertubes during teleop; you just can’t score them then.

In 2007 there was a specific provision in the rules to remove keepers. I didn’t see anything like that in this year’s rules. In fact, I suspect that there will not be a pause between auton and teleop.

You can carry them, but since they are game pieces you cant carry anything else while doing so;


HERDING – controlling the movement of a GAME PIECE. A GAME PIECE shall be considered HERDED if it is in contact with the floor and, as the ROBOT moves in the direction of the GAME PIECE, the GAME PIECE is pushed in the same direction in a controlled manner, but does not remain in the position relative to the ROBOT if the ROBOT changes direction or orientation.

<G34> ROBOTS or HOSTBOTS may only POSSESS or HERD one GAME PIECE at a time.

I disagree, I feel this will come up in Q&A and probably a revision but I think that a rule similar to the one in 2007 will be added to the manual and a break will be necessary for a situation where an UBERTUBE in on a SCORING PEG but nor fully supported by it, i.e. also still contacting the robot. In 2007, these tubes were considered to be “in danger of scoring”. See an above post for an explanation.

what if you dont have a arma nd your toching the tube at start of game play but is on the ground is it still dead?

If you just decide to have your robot hang the ubertube instead of staying still then there should never be 6 left on the playing field.

I don’t understand the question. What does “dead” mean here?

There are strategic locations around the field where a well-placed ubertube could yield a great advantage.

Dead means you cannot use the piece anymore. As in during Teleoperated mode when placing an ubertube on a pin would result in a penalty.

I have a question. If you robot happens to be placing an ubertube on a pin right as the buzzer goes off and ends autonomous period but your robot finishes placing the ubertube on the pin just after the buzzer goes off then do you get a penalty?

Sounds like a great entry for the official Q&A when it opens. Keep in mind any answer here would be merely speculative unless linked to an official source.

if you put all three ubertubes on the same level 3 pegs and then create the logo over it would you get more points then you would if you separated them and then created a logo over just one ubertube of the three pegs?:ahh: (sorry if it dont make sense)

Yes, you would. You’d get the doubled value for each peg instead of just one.

But you have to place them autonomously.