Unresponsive drive system

We had our robot working, then took it apart and rewired it. Now,
although we had the jaguars running earlier today, now they are not
… responsive although the yellow light is solid and lighting up. We have
reimaged the crio and uploaded the default code control program. The
jaguars will not make the motors move with joystick control or in
autonomous mode. What should we try next? any input would be greatly

RE: Drive system not working since last Thursday. We had two Jags controlling four CIM motors, it was working. But because of rules we now have one Jag per CIM motor, and now with four Jags the system is not working.

The Jaguars are correctly wired, and blink orange indicator light when not receiving signal and solid orange when intaking signal. When we run the drive program with Driver Station the motors do not respond, but the Jags show the solid orange indicator light.

What language are you programming in? Do you have the PWMs plugged correctly into the digital sidecar and jags?

So it appears that your jags are properly wired power and pwm wise… If you are saying that they stay a solid color when running deployed code. I suggest having your programmers take a look at their pwms referenced and make sure they are correct with the actually pwms on the robot.

A code snippet would be helpful.

What is the motor arrangement? Are the motors mechanically paired (such as two motors connected to one gear box)? If so, it’s possible that when you added the second jag, the wiring could get reversed and drive the motors against each other. Then nothing would move (and the jag’s would probably indicate over-current).

There are various default code templates and various programming languages for teams to use. Which particular one did you upload? (e.g. Labview tank, Java arcade)

Jaguars do not turn solid orange (manufacture specs say yellow, but it’s anywhere from yellow to orange) when they receive signal, but when they receive a neutral signal. They will turn either orange/yellow, red, or green when they receive a signal (if the frequency of the signal is in the right range, you may also see the LED cut out).

I would follow keyreaper’s suggestion just to check any inconsistencies, but I highly doubt that is the problem at hand here because if you are referencing the wrong PWM out ports, your Jaguars would not turn solid when you enable the robot.

If you can, revert your code to the version that worked with the 1 Jag per 2 cim configuration. Then connect two of your Jaguars as your Jaguars in that configuration were connected and see if anything runs.