Unsanctioned events

The invite for Kettering Kickoff (delayed until Nov 14 2020) came out. It states that the event is unsanctioned, as FIRST and FIM aren’t supporting any events at this time. What does that mean? Are there (probable) restrictions about schools attending? How long ago did FRC events become sanctioned?

Is MARC a sanctioned event? We’ve been going there for years.

I have other questions about how they can pull this off, but those will be for another thread.

Fun times…

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From COVID-19 Impact on FIRST Events | FIRST

  1.        What about off-season events?

Given the state of the pandemic we cannot support the planning, promotion, or execution of off-season FIRST RISE events using district-owned or HQ-owned equipment or game elements.

From Off Season Events | FIRST

As stated here, FIRST will not support the planning, promotion, or execution of off-season FIRST RISE events using district-owned or HQ-owned equipment or game elements.
This means the following:
  • No access to HQ-owned or district-owned fields, game pieces, or other equipment, including renting items from vendors.
  • The off-season version of the Field Management System software will not be updated for INFINITE RECHARGE.
  • No off-season events will be listed on the FRC Event website.

TL;DR: FIRST does not endorse or support any offseason events for the 2020 season and will refuse any support for them, both physically (fields, volunteers) and in software (FMS). Any offseasons done will be without official equipment, and are considered “unsanctioned” for this reason.

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Dark FRC, show me your secrets.

I’m guessing they will use wooden field elements, with some kind of solution for in-match scoring tacked on. A “sanctioned” event would use an official border and loaner game-specific hardware that FIRST approved for offseason use. No such hardware is available this year, so any event of this kind is essentially “unsanctioned”.

As for restrictions on team participation and such, take that up with the event organizers. I’d be interested to know what kind of guidelines are required that would permit teams to participate (and perhaps more importantly, schools to let them).


I think holding any kind of event like this is incredibly irresponsible. There is no safe way to do this, and as we are learning now, any “reopening” prior to a vaccine or treatment being available is short lived. Let’s stop pretending this will end anytime soon.


Wreckless! until the all-clear is sounded to think about any events. Maybe Jan 2021 thats it

100-year Pandemics need time so spend time reading up on 1918 and go away with “event” talk

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I can guarantee as stated above that this is not sanctioned. Neither FIRST nor FiM will give any events an official field or official FMS to run these events. If these events do go on it will be with the events own equipment and nothing that is used for Official Events (Other than what they have purchased or manufactured on there own). Kettering does own an AndyMark Perimeter

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Considering that FIM FTC this fall is basically expecting to have some “remote events” (where teams compete separately), I’m at least cautiously optimistic that FTC might happen (if anything can happen), but anything “normal” seems unlikely.

I mean if people weigh the risks, then they should be free to make decisions now. I watched the recent coronavirus briefing and things are looking up except for a few hotspots.

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I would be VERY cautious with that. Personally I check the IHME projections on a regular basis. MI is pretty flat, right now at any rate. But if this same event were in CA, nuh-uh–we’re on a bit of an uptick right now. And of course, subject to change rather suddenly.

The general consensus seems to be that IF people are sensible, they can get away with small-group stuff. The problem is, people AREN’T sensible. (Sorry, too much evidence: People. are. dumb. Including me.) So the short answer is/should be: We’ll look at the event options, and see if there’s interest, but the event may not happen, and nobody will be looked at funny for NOT showing up.


They sure are, if you’re speaking to the US breaking all time daily record of 45,000 new cases today, which was set just yesterday.

ive already heard family members say theyre refusing to wear masks despite a mandate from our state Governor going into effect today, and this is a common thing out here. Im not looking forward to the next couple weeks.


tenor (2)


If by “a few hotspots”, you mean “worse than it has ever been in the US with no signs of slowing down at all”, then sure.

At this point, there’s nothing to be gained from listening to the White House on this one, the data is right in front of us.


Funny how the case count started spiking shortly after everything started opening up again…

I’ll go on record as saying that I’m frequently out and about, but most of the time it’s for work, some is close family, some is exercise. If I’m out and about, I’m either wearing a mask or it’s within a short arm’s reach, and I’m staying as distanced as I can. SO FAR, I’m OK. If that changes, I know what action I need to take, whether it’s from myself or from someone else. And I’ll take it!

Yeah… I’m not sure it’s a great idea to plan for events right now either. But, if you’re going to have them at all, it helps to figure out if people will even be able to show up, and under what conditions. And to know who’s trying to bluff about their data…


The thing that many people seem to have trouble understanding, is the importance of the risk of themselves SPREADING the disease. Not the risk of them GETTING it.

That seems to be the big problem, with masks, gatherings, etc. It’s not about protecting yourself, it’s about protecting others. Which concept seems to be lost on a large segment of the US population.


It’s worth noting that this chart doesn’t seem to be adjusted per-capita, and since the EU has ~450 million people and the US has ~350 million, making that adjustment would skew the US numbers even HIGHER in relation


…sidestepping the COVID data for a minute…

If MARC used an official FIRST or FIM field, then it was sanctioned.
When we put on Beach Blitz we rent a field from FIRST California, and need to sign a lot of paperwork guaranteeing we have proper insurance, and that we will not promote any non-FIRST events.

As others said, if KK is using their own field perimeter and (perhaps wooden) field elements, then they are outside of the FIRST sanctioning and are free to do whatever the hosting site allows.

That said, I personally find it hard to believe that a school (even a private one) is going to allow a large event with outside students/parents/mentors on a campus due to the huge insurance liabilities from possible infections. It is likely that they are just planning the event as a placeholder, with the possibility of canceling later if things do not change.


Here’s per-capita data, in case anyone is interested.



But if we stop testing the numbers will go down and it will be safe again! /s


Plans to hold events in the US right now are straight up irresponsible and idiotic.


MARC has also cancelled there event

We are very sad to announce we will have to cancel both the Monroe MARC I event and the Dundee MARC event for 2020. This is the first time since 2007 that there will not be a MARC summer robotics competition at Monroe High School. We will see you all in 2021 for MARC Monroe and MARC Dundee.

FiM and FIRST are not supporting any off-season events this year.