Unsuccessful FRC 2022 Project Build with Arcade project Baseline - Vision Acquisition Software build error message

Dear CD,

I used the FRC2022 roboRio imaging tool to update my 2-FRC2016 cRIO’s and everything seems hunky dory. Driver station is operational. Camera was working.

Next step is to build and deploy Arcade project provided baseline. Build error message … The build specification uses VIs form Vision Acquistion Software which is currently in evaluation mode. Labview is unable to disconnect type definitions and remove unused polymorphic VI instance.
Choose a different option on the Additional Exclusions page and build the application again.

There is a little more info but I think this is sufficient. Any thoughts on how to proceed?


That just means you missed activating the Vision license.
And I’m assuming you activated all the other licenses?

Two quick solutions:

  1. Re-run the NI License Manager
  • Start->All-apps->National Instruments->NI License Manager
  • Activate Software button at the top of the popup (see image below)
  • Select “Enter a serial number” from the pull down in the popup (I just wanted to say that)
  • Enter your license code in every empty field (obtained from your main or alternate in Dashboard->Passwords & vouchers)
  • Activate button
    Not everything gets activated, so at the end you will still be left with 6 unlicensed packages. that aren’t needed
  1. A second temporary solution just to get a program running is to Disable the Vision part in Robot Main.vi (it’s called Camera: Send 2 PC). It just means you won’t be able to view any roboRIO USB camera on the Dashboard until you get the license activated.
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Thanks again. I am pretty sure I entered the serial number during the last install sequence.
However, I think the FRC game tools install loads a new version of Labview. Do you think this FRC game tools install caused the issue or did I just miss it during the initial install-preinstall round?

Just the other day I had the vision license fail on an install because it had an old license code in that box for some reason. I don’t know why, but must have been leftover somehow.
I just happened to notice when it told me I had 7 licenses remaining, but knew it should have been telling me 6 remaining, so I went back to look.
It was before I loaded the game tools though.

The Game tools does install this vision package if it’s not already installed, so it might be related.

It may also be time to clear up some terminology to make sure we’re all talking about the same thing.

Starting in the 2015 season, the controller changed from the cRIO to the roboRIO. The 2015 and 2016 FRC Tools provided limited means to connect to and image a cRIO. In 2017, this functionality was dropped. For the most part, it’s recommended to use the FRC 2014 software set for a cRIO.

In your threads, I’ve been assuming you mean you’re working with a roboRIO as there aren’t cRIOs available for the current competition. Am I correct in that assumption or do you have one of the 4 slot cRIOs you’re using instead?

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