Unsupported file type when trying to upload neural network to detector pipeline for the limelight

When trying to upload a tflite file to the detection pipeline so I can use my ml model for live inference on the limelight I get an error of unsupported file type. The same goes for the labelMap txt files. I tried it on 3 models, a teachable machines model, the limelight model from the downloads page, and another model I trained on Google collab. Neither of them said supported file, I assume it’s because they are tflite. I did this while using a Google coral. I am currently running limelight 2023.4 on a limelight 3. If anyone encountered this issue or could help, please reach out.

I have the same issue regarding the txt label file; however, I can upload the tflite file. I am currently uploading the Neural Networks Cones and Cubes B1 Model from Limelight’s website. However, I can’t upload the Cones and Cubes Labels txt file. I am getting an “Unsupported file extension” error. I have a Limelight 3 and am running the latest of Limelight OS on version 2023.6.0.

Instead of uploading directly to the detector upload go to the properties where you can change other settings of the limelight. And in that tab, there will be a labelmap and detector model upload, where you can upload your model and labelmap.

Thank you for the help! I also realized that I was on the wrong Limelight OS version. I also realized that my file name had periods, but I still appreciate the help.