Unurgent Lookover request

If its not too much trouble would anyone mind looking at my begin VI to see if anything is wrong. I did it kinda quick.

Begin.vi (68.9 KB)

Begin.vi (68.9 KB)

Look’s fine to me, but what are the boxes for? Are they to separate your code?

Yeah, I’m real anal about the cleanliness of my code. Its separated by sensors, motors, Joysticks, and camera.

Haha, I completely understand. May I ask how you made them though?

Under the structures section (where case structures and wait structures and such are) theres a part for decorations. Its pretty nice

you’re not really using all of those are you?

Thanks :D. I’m sure to learn and use these plenty much.

I will sometimes use decorations to document code, I do find them quite useful when looking at older code that I have forotten about. However, I usually recommend using subVIs instead. I can’t look at the code right now, so I am not sure if it applies to you, but I usually separate everything into subVIs. (vision, drivetrain, funckymech, compressor, and other misc stuff. )

PS.Dear NI, please make an android VI viewer.

Do you need to set the RefNum on the DIO that are plugged into the encoders? By the way i would reserve Analog 1 and 2 for gyros. those are the only slot they will work on

@Doc534 We dont intend on a gyro but thanks for future reference. That woulda drove me insane if i tried to hook one up, it didnt work and found out that was the problem

@SuperS_5 Probably debatable. I just like having stuff in one VI so I can skim and send pics easier.