Unused Part Requests

Does anyone have any Window Motors that they are not using that they are willing to sell/trade/donate?

We are looking for the Window Motor from the “AndyMark First Choice”. We have 2 but we would like 2 More…
The Windows Motors were: Bosch AHC-2 12V 6004.RA3.194-06

The Window Motors were Samples?

Online Link: http://firstchoicebyandymark.com/fc16-059
Data Sheet: http://files.andymark.com/FRC_Bosch_motor_6_004_RA3_194-06_spec_sheetv2.pdf

We have had no luck getting the product from either of the sellers (Bosch and Andymark).


Are you looking for the motor with the plastic output splined hub?

I would be happy to send you two more. Just would need a pre-paid shipper you can get easily from UPS or FedEx. Just PM me your address. BTW, these are seat motors not window :).

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