Unveiling the All-New FRC 2526 Website!!

I just like to announce to you all the grand opening of our team’s new website: http://www.frc2526.com

We’ve been working hard on it, and we’d appreciate any of your suggestions and comments.

We made it using Google sites. While this won’t allow us to compete in the website competition, it allowed a team that had nobody who knew how to make websites, make a website.

As far as google sites seem to go, it looks very good. My only comment is the logo at the top. It would be better if the little red and black image matched the background somehow.

Looks good! You’ve got some good information and a nice layout. How long did it take to make?

My only suggestion is to incorporate your team number into your logo, helps with team recognition.

I haven’t gotten around to reading the website competition rules this year, but why is a Google sites website disallowed from the competition? Is this a new rule?

The color scheme is a little rough on the eyes, but otherwise that site is full of information that any team member would need.

good job, i hope you guys continue pursuing websites and learn how to do all of this stuff on your own!

Yay for team website! Let’s continue to learn many new things this year.

I don’t know where you heard that, but you most certainly may compete with that website!


Remember, it’s not really how you made the website (providing no copyright infringement occured) but the final result, as far as FIRST is concerned. Lots of teams use pre-made systems or templates or website creators to aid in making their sites, but it’s the content and overall appeal that actually matter.

Definitely submit your website, and continue to make it better!

Very nice!

I did not see any errors while doing a cursory check of the site. The layout is clean, the content looks good.

Congrats on making a very nice web site.

Could be better, the quote seems off.

Great job for a first website! You should definitely submit this for the award.

A couple suggestions regarding the visual design:

On the “What is FIRST?” page, the FIRST logo looks blurry. Instead of resizing it on the website, start with a larger image of the logo, use an image editor to resize it–to the exact size that you want to use on the web page itself–and upload that one. Browsers don’t always do a good job of resizing images, regardless of whether you’re trying to make it larger or smaller.

Light text on a dark background is really tricky to work with. Take extra care to make sure everything is readable. Making light-on-dark text readable requires different strategies than when using dark-on-light text. Here are a couple tips:

  • If possible, increase leading (line-height, or in other words, line spacing).
  • Avoid bold text, especially for blocks of text.

Increasing the line-height will also fix the issue with the “To create a world…” quote. (That’ll also allow you to get rid of the line breaks in the quote.)

Let me know if you need help figuring out how to make those changes.

The Latest News on the right hand side of the page looks too much like a Google Adsense ad.

Studies have shown that content on web pages that looks like an ad is often inadvertently ignored by users, even if it’s legitimate content. I would suggest making it wider, like closer to 200px to 300px wide, then it’ll look less like an ad.

That looks really good for a Google site. I am quite impressed!!!