Update 13

Update 13 is available here:


Nice job 386 for helping out FIRST!

Tomasz Bania

Maybe that is what we were going through. I will have to keep this handy and maybe I won’t go insane if the processor acts weird again.

sigh Wish I had known about that before the ship data… Ah, well - there’s always Thursday! Thanks to 386 and IFI for figuring it out - that explans a LOT of the weirdness that I’ve been having…

I wonder if this would have caused “Code Error” lights on the OI? If so, I know of a student programming leader who is going to hit himself in the head with a rubber mallet…

If there’s an opportunity for arbitrary data to get smashed, I’m sure there’s an opportunity for a code error…

Big ups to 386 for helping out, especially (I can only assume) in the middle of build season.

Although I’m slightly perplexed–wouldn’t this recent change on the Fix-It Window times during regionals (link) qualify as a Question and Answer item of note? I hope it was just a timing thing (the decision was posted at 4:28 PM today, meaning the update could well have been done and ready to post by then).

Regardless, I still dig the GDC’s work this year–we’re at the regionals with only 13 updates. That’s the least I’ve seen. Bravo!

We were also having the dreaded “8.2” volt status on a fresh battery. Aargh! Just try to program one of these things without using interrupts. Here’s hoping the patch fixes it (we’ll know Thursday). Props to 360, IFI and FIRST for getting a solution out before the first weekend tournaments.