Update 16 is out


… Anyone else having trouble opening it? :frowning:

  • Katie


The period was missing. :slight_smile:

hmmm why is it that the westcoast/Hawaii always get screwed?

West Coast ships no later than 2 PM, Hawaii no later than 11AM (Or is it 12?). Oh well, I guess well have to get it crated up wednesday night.


I tried d-loading 16, AND 15, with and w-out the period, and it won’t work.

I got 16 before this, but I need 15. Can somebody please upload it?


tmup16.pdf (15.5 KB)

tmup16.pdf (15.5 KB)

Here ya go

tmup15.pdf (25.9 KB)

tmup15.pdf (25.9 KB)

hmmm why is it that the westcoast/Hawaii always get screwed?

Hi Cory, and all other teams not in the EST.

Your robots must be shipped by 5:00 pm “LOCAL” time on Thursday, not EST. It was clarified on the message board:

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Re: New Deadline Posted: Feb 17, 2003 10:37 PM
Reply -You must ship your robot by Thursday, 2/20/03 before 5:00 PST
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It doesn’t look like they’ve corrected it on the web site yet, but it is local time - so don’t worry about having to crate up Wed night.

See all you CMT & PST teams (and others coming from far and away) at Sac, AZ, SV, LA, and Seattle - can’t wait to see what everyone has come up with!