Update 21

People won’t be happy…


April Fools!

They lowered the point values of the minibots??

I wish this wasn’t a joke update :frowning:

Happy April Fool’s!

Haha good catch. I was flipping out…

It’s only April in some parts of the country. For the rest, it’s still March.

Good one.

I got too excited when I saw the point values. sigh

This will make most sense to Michigan teams:
This reminds me of how at states last year a new “rule” was made that the tunnel couldn’t be blocked. Our team was thrilled to finally stand a chance against 469! Unfortunately, it was a joke rule :(.

…not funny…I was legitimately concerned there…

it’s not even on the site haha. http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/frc/content.aspx?id=450

You “hace” to watch the typos when creating believable fake documents :wink:

I agree, except for the accidental lane violation bit. That would have been a nice add.

Team Update 21 isn’t uploaded on the FIRST website, just sayin’ :stuck_out_tongue:

To make it a little more believable, the author of the document should have said that taking advantage of the exception will result in a PENALTY and a RED CARD, instead of leaving it at YELLOW CARD.

But that’s still a very nice replica.

I remember that! Ah…Good Times…

lol good one. I was almost fooled. almost

Hahaha, Now to see how many people on my team fall for it :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, they got me. I was like, how can they give us a rule update in the middle of a competition? Nice job CDC for a nice joke to start our day.

Well done!!! I had already started an email to alert the rest of the team. Then I noticed that the font wasn’t the same and I thought “That’s the first time a TU looked like that in all the years I have checking”.
Good thing I didn’t hit the send button before I went to the First site to get the real link.

Nice try. The “dl.dropbox.com” url that popped up in the tab was a tell tale sign.

Happy April Fools!


I was suspicious because of the dropbox url but when that was blocked (I’m writing this at school) and I checked the real site my mind was set at ease. Nice work!