Update #6 (and there's a surprise too!)

Posted by Daniel, Student on team #192, Gunn Robotics Team, from Henry M Gunn Senior High School and NASA Ames.

Posted on 4/13/99 6:45 PM MST

Sorry for the cross-posting, I posted in the wrong forum.

Hey people!

We have the official rule change! Go to the link at the bottom.

I was surprised to see they got rid of rejections! At least to the effect that if you reject an offer, you can’t accept anyone else’s. You’re out. Which is just a formality to keep people from whining, because I don’t think anyone would ever refuse under this new rule. I’m a bit disappointed, as you could probably imagine from some of the stuff I’ve said before. But I can deal! I respect any decision those guys make…

Oh and for those who can’t go to nationals, Ames came through for us again and will webcast it just as they did their regional. Those guys are great!

Happy reading!

Posted by Ed Sparks, Engineer on team #34, DaimlerChrysler Electronics & Bob Jones High School, from Bob Jones High School and DaimlerChrysler.

Posted on 4/13/99 9:34 PM MST

In Reply to: Update #6 (and there’s a surprise too!) posted by Daniel on 4/13/99 6:45 PM MST:

Good Call FIRST !!!

I just want to have some fun now that I’ve beat my head on the
techno-wall over the last several months. I really had hoped that all
of the bad stuff being talked about wasn’t happening but this removes
the doubt. We would be honored to got to the ‘DANCE’ with any of you

My stomach is already starting to turn flips and I have a week to go …

Good luck to all !!!