Update #6 (there's a surprise too!)

Posted by Daniel, Student on team #192, Gunn Robotics Team, from Henry M Gunn Senior High School and NASA Ames.

Posted on 4/13/99 6:37 PM MST

Hey people!

We have the official rule change! Go to the link at the bottom.

I was surprised to see they got rid of rejections! At least to the effect that if you reject an offer, you can’t accept anyone else’s. You’re out. Which is just a formality to keep people from whining, because I don’t think anyone would ever refuse under this new rule. I’m a bit disappointed, as you could probably imagine from some of the stuff I’ve said before. But I can deal! I respect any decision those guys make…

Oh and for those who can’t go to nationals, Ames came through for us again and will webcast it just as they did their regional. Those guys are great!

Happy reading!

Posted by Andy Grady, Coach on team #42, P.A.R.T.S, from Alvirne High School and Daniel Webster College.

Posted on 4/13/99 8:58 PM MST

In Reply to: Update #6 (there’s a surprise too!) posted by Daniel on 4/13/99 6:37 PM MST:

Hello all,
Looks like first finally made the rule. I can’t say that I wasn’t expecting it. And just when this room was starting to get a little quiet. Oh well. I feel this rule isn’t a bad rule, but it has its upsides and downsides. It will make the selection process a little more interesting. Now the teams must do their homework and come prepared with a nice full list of teams that they should pick. But hey, either way, rejections or not, we will have a blast!!!
Good Luck to all,
Andy Grady, DWC/Alvirne HS

Posted by Mike Kulibaba, Student on team #88, TJ², from Bridgewater-Raynham Regional and Johnson and Johnson.

Posted on 4/13/99 9:23 PM MST

In Reply to: I figured as much posted by Andy Grady on 4/13/99 8:58 PM MST:

First off I would like to say that I think FIRST probably did make the right decision in doing what they did. i bet it was a very tough call for them to make. But I must admit, i think this is bigger news then there being 16 teams in the finals or having 3 alliance partners. So all I do have to say is if people do what to team up they better be one of the tops seeds or someone will probably pick them. But I did find one really good thing this might do. What if none of the top 16 teams told their alliance partners that they were going to pick them. What if everyone off the 200 and whatever teams that weren’t in the top 16 had to wait and see if there name gets called. I would look at this like March Madness where the teams on the ‘bubble’ don’t know if they are gonna get it or not. I think it would make ths selection process much more enjoyable to watch. I can’t wait to get this thing rolling!!! see you all in Florida

Kuli TJ² Team 88