Update 7


Update 7 is now out for all interested

There have been no changes other than speed controllers and spikes have been expluded from the total robot price, this was in the last update but it is made more clear now.

Somebody tell me if I am reading this right (taking into account the added and deleted text).

<R77> The costs of additional non-spare robot control system components obtained
from Innovation First Inc. are included in the above $3500 limit. The cost of
additional speed controllers and spike relays are excluded from the $3500 limit.

Is there a difference between non spare control system components from IFI and speed controllers and spike relays?

It seems that what they’re trying to say is that any purchased for spares shouldn’t be included in the $3500. If you buy more and use them on the robot then you must include the price towards the $3500.

They denined a large group, then allowed a smaller subset of that group?
Otherwise, more of that quality technical writing from FIRST


Well, I was wondering that as well. The only thing I can see from IFI that we could possibly count would be the circuit breakers. Beyond that, I see nothing that would qualify as control system components (that isn’t already covered under other rules such as wire or the custom circuit rules)