Update firmware fails

I can see /dev/ttyACM0 created when I connect the PI to the 32U4 board with the USB cable, but when I press Update Firmware no console output is produced and I just get a “firmware update failed” message at the top of the page. I have tried several USB cables but it’s always the same message. Is there any kind of log I could open that would tell me what went wrong? I can program the 32U4 using the Arduino IDE so the board is fine.

ok, well, I got the firmware uploaded by pulling the firmware from the wpilib github, compiling it and uploading it using PlatformIO on VS Code directly to the 32U4.

Is this with the 2023 image? There may be something broken there, will look into it.

Yes, I used image WPILibPi_image-v2023.1.1-Romi.zip

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I ran into the same issue and I tried using both a 3B+ and a 4B. “firmware update failed”

Ok, sounds like a problem with the image. I’ll post an errata later today and pull the Romi image off the releases page until we can figure out a fix.

If you’re just using it to operate the Romi, the 2022 Romi image works just fine with 2023 WPILib.

Where can I get the 2022 Romi image?

Just go back one release on the GitHub releases page.

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The same here

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