Update for cameras?

Is the LabVIEW update suite version 2017.2.0 the update needed to get cameras to work? We have not been able to get our USB cameras to show up on the drop down on the dashboard.

Update in question: http://www.ni.com/download/first-robotics-software-2017/6492/en/

The release date on that update claims to be 1/5. So no. That’s not it. We are in the same boat and are eagerly awaiting a fix.

Well I found this page that states that the release date is 12-14-2014. I don’t think they update the release date.

That is the correct update. They are looking at fixing the release date.

Greg McKaskle

Wow. Instant service. Thanks Greg!

Well we updated to 2017.2.0 and still are not getting any cameras on the dropdown box in the default dashboard. We have a custom dashboard as well but I don’t know where to start on the camera portion of it.

Our vision processing VI is basically just the default VI. We added an indicator to the GET IMAGE vi inside the while loop and we get a camera feed, albeit very laggy. So the cameras are definitely working.

What do we have to do to get the cameras to show up on the dashboard? I was under the impression that this should be plug and play, but I guess not.

I can upload our code if need be.

Check your variable for camera address (variables tab on the dash). If it’s missing the .local, you may want to append it on in you Send2PC vi.

There’s no Send2PC vi in our code. I can’t even find it in the WPI libraries. There’s no address in the variables tab on the dashboard, either.

If you are running LabVIEW, I believe you will find it in robotmain. We dug through and found it the other day but didn’t have time to change it.

Looked in Robot Main.vi, it’s not there. Are we missing something?

Are you running code from a previous year edited to run this year’s robot?

Send2PC should be in each of the templates. I can’t swear that it is, though. And it should be in the palettes along with the dashboard VIs, but I know it is not.

If you go to C:/Program Files x86/National Instruments/LabVIEW 2016/vi.lib/Rock Robotics/WPI/Camera, you will find all of the camera files in that folder. You can drag WPI_CameraSend2PC to your Robot Main block diagram.

Also, be sure that you run the DS. The DS tells the Dashboard how to connect to the robot using network tables. At that point, the network tables has a Camera Stream variable telling the clients what to put in the list, what kind of camera, etc.

Greg McKaskle

[strike]Just checked that directory, and while there are a ton of camera files in there, WPI_CameraSend2PC is not one of them.

We have all of the latest software installed… I don’t know why it isn’t there. Could someone upload their Send2PC file so I can add it to our project?[/strike]

Our file isn’t named WPI_CameraSend2PC, it’s named WPI_CameraSend Images To PC Loop. I’ll add that to our RobotMain.

Yes, thats it. Did you get it to work?

Greg McKaskle

I’ve been helping the team remotely because I’m stuck at college. They’re going to test it at Arkansas tomorrow. I’ll be there Friday, so I’ll update whether or not they’ve fixed it

Yeesh. I know that feeling. I haven’t been with my team this year either because work is monopolizing my time. Good luck.

If you start a new project you can find where the VI is located and place it there in yours.