Update my Team Information at US FIRST

how can I update my team information at US FIRST and at The Blue Alliance?
Thank You

The information from usfirst.org was due earlier this year, if your team main contact updates it in TIMS, it should be updated for next season (it’s a deadline thing).

To the best of my knowledge, TBA takes the info directly from usfirst.org.

I don’t know what TBA build its databases off, but you can report corrections to [email protected].

The team profile section (Team Name, Team Nickname, Robot Name, and Team Motto) of TIMS does not close, however only your team’s main and alternate contacts can access it. EDIT: There is a deadline for getting the information in the regional programs. (There’s also a deadline for judges essays in the same place, which understandably has also passed.) You can update the section whenever you want, though–except for right now as TIMS appears to be down.