Update on the 2020/2021 season in Alberta

The regional organization for FIRST in Western Canada, FIRST Robotics Society, has released an statement concerning the 2020/2021 season here in Alberta.

Here is a portion of that statement:

The Board of Directors of First Robotics Society met to discuss all our options for this coming season, but unfortunately there really aren’t many. Therefore, for the 2020-2021 FIRST Robotics season FRS will not be holding any in-person competitions, demonstrations, workshops, or any other other event that has people in the same space and will not sanction or sponsor any in-person events. FRS will however support virtual FIRST programs during this season.

The full update can be found here.

I would like to thank our regional directors for keeping the safety of our students in mind, and while this is heavily disappointing, it is also the right thing to do at this time in this current situation.


Thank you for your responsible leadership, FRS. That absolutely sucks, but is most likely the right call.


Currently Alberta is doing better than 47 US states (94%)


As of the day of this post the province of Alberta has 11,146 confirmed cases among an estimated population of 4,428,000, or .25% of the population. For a comparison, the Commonwealth of Virginia has 95,049 confirmed cases among an estimated population of 8,536,000, or 1.11%.

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Is this the first case of a partner organization publically stating they would not run in person FRC events for the 2021 season?


I do believe so.

Disappointed as this would have possibly been 2 events we “could” have attended, but understandably so.

I’m not sure if you are referring to both Canadian Rockies and Canadian Pacific, but Pacific is managed under FIRST British Columbia, not FRS. There still is a possible chance for that regional (and I am personally hoping for it to be the case so that we might be able to still attend 1 regional this season.)

Sorry, yes. I should have realized that as we have done both before.
Fingers crossed.

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