Update password

I’m trying to update the netbook as instructed by the manual, but when I try to open the folder that i downloaded off of the link provided by FIRST, it asks for a password, but in the manual it mentions nothing of a password. What should I do?

Use the password given at kickoff…“Breakaway4FRC!”.

thanks, i wasn’t able to make it to kickoff this year

is there another password out there somewhere? i tried opening chapter 3 of the control system manual and it asks for a password, but the Breakaway4FRC doesn’t work.


Don’t forget the Exclamation point at the end.

Basically whenever it asks for a password just use Breakaway4FRC!

I was really thrown at first when the LabVIEW update asked me for a password.

I agree, that was completely random and somewhat frustrating. That should have been well-documented, even without giving us the password. A warning, or something.

Nothing worse than feeling helpless after a file unexpectedly tells you that “YOU SHALL NOT PASS”!!! :mad:

The Installation Instructions on the NI page document it perfectly, in my opinion: “4. You will need to use the password announced at Kickoff in order to extract the files.” Step 2 of the instructions is the link to download the file, so whoever downloaded it has no excuse not to have seen step 4.

Tell that to three people who searched every document/site possible. Why isn’t it in the manual?

Why isn’t it in the manual?

Short answer is that once the template code in the update started to contain game specific code, it became necessary to pwd protect. The decision to put it up before the kickoff but pwd protected came quite late. Sorry for the confusion.

Greg McKaskle

Thanks for the explanation! :slight_smile:

So why not remove the password protection now and avoid the confusion?

There will be more …

I’ll pass along the good word. I agree with you.

Greg McKaskle