Update Suite Password

Any one know the password for the 2018 Update Suite? We tried the encryption code but with no luck. Any ideas?

Disregard this thread. Forgot the exclamation point.:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

We are having a similar problem, using the serial from the 2017.10.12 revision in our KOP. Zip file is saying the password is incorrect. What are we doing wrong?

The Zip file password is the game encryption, “pLaY&4%R3aL!” no quotes. The S/N from the KOP software is used when activating software such as driver station or lab-view. When activating, the S/N must be from that years KOP. Such as when activating this year (2018) it will be the 2018 S/N.

face … palm

many thanks.