Update to Trust Level Criteria


Would it be possible to update the trust level criteria to exclude posts/read time for the Games/Trivia and FF parts of the forum?

Currently 26/35 of our non mod trust level 3 members have the vast majority of their activity in these parts of the forums and aren’t really representatives of the main function of this community.



Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood.

Lord of the flies indeed.


Along with this, it would be nice to denote If you can permanently lose L3 status outside of Discourse’s ways of permanently losing it (silenced/suspended) since it seems that theres other ways you can lose it permanently currently.




Even better, although I doubt it is natively supported, would be to have two different sets of trust level badges, one for games/trivia/etc… and one for the rest of the forum. Reading/Posting in the games/trivia side helps you to get higher trust levels for that part of the forum, and reading/posting in other parts gets you closer to the higher non games/trivia trust levels.

I just think the people who spend a lot of time in games should be allowed to help out more in the managing of that section of the forum, although I agree that it doesn’t make much sense to carry that trust over to the other subforums.


Would it make sense to spin-off the games sub forums to their own, parallel forum? Keep the themes the same, but make all the settings adjustments they request and the trust levels separate between the two forums?


What is trust level?

While we’re talking about trust levels, the description for “Regular” says:

This badge is granted when you reach trust level 3. Thanks for being a regular part of our community over a period of months. You’re now one of the most active readers, and a reliable contributor that makes our community great. You can now recategorize and rename topics, take advantage of more powerful spam flags, access a private lounge area, and you’ll also get lots more likes per day.

I know at one point I had the ability to rename/recategorize topics but that disappeared a while ago. I never saw anything about more powerful spam flags or a private lounge area. Do any other Regular users have these abilities?


The ability to rename and recategorize was removed.
I believe the spam section in the screenshot below is the mentioned spam flag.
I know nothing about a private lounge area.

I’m pretty sure that anybody with the ability to flag can cite spam as a reason.

iirc, TL3 just has the ability to auto-hide (delete?) posts by TL0 users, by using a spam flag, without the need for moderator (TL4) intervention.

The only other TL3 functionality that works afaik is the extra likes.

I messaged Brandon about this and he said

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TL3 lounge? I’m in, but only if there’s a formal dress code :face_with_monocle:


Sounds like it could be fun. Not sure how much I’d actually use it, but still

The private lounge area still exists, it’s just so exclusive that no one can get in.


Except Andy Baker :upside_down_face:


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