Updated Field Building Spreadsheet with 2020 field pieces

I uploaded a new version of my field building worksheet with the 2020 field pieces. As of now, all the parts have been entered and the spreadsheet can be used to plan, order and print parts lists and labels. I haven’t modified designs to integrate field pieces into the field perimeter or done much to revise the instructions yet.

Addendum: As of Sunday, 1/5/20 - I’ve modified designs and annotated the instructions for everything but the Shield Generator, which I’m working on today, 1/7/20.

This is awesome! Thanks!

Question: If we plan to build some, but not all pieces (make mot build the load station immediately), is there a way to edit the planning page to reflect that?

Absolutely. Change the numbers under an “option” a little to the right, then choose that option.

(Overall, red-bordered boxes can be changed.)

I just wanted to thank you for this. It has helped tremendously in getting a supply list together and really makes it easier to not get overwhelmed with building a practice field.


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Just uploaded a revised version to GitHub: Now has pretty extensive annotations for all the field pieces (except the modified generator switch).

Fixed a few errors, updated page numbers after change in pagination when FIRST released update with the missing Loading Bay Piece 10!

Uploaded new version, including new designs for trench threshold, corral behind Power port and floor protection and borders for the field generator.

This will probably be the last substantial update until we start building the field this Saturday (1/11). I typically find and correct minor errors at that time. I may also assign someone to count hardware actually uses; the totals now for screws are all guesstimates.

And… updated again to fix bugs on ordering page.

Updated after first day field building, fixed few minor errors.

Updated after second day of field building. Fixed a few errors, only one of which was a doozy.

Up loaded again, improved clarity of parts list by adding headings, added table of contents of field drawings, fixed few minor errors.

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