Updated News to LOST BILL OF LAD

Okay so our team just contacted first and we got a reply back.

We were told that we are NOT going to receive the Bill of Lad as we thought we would since we lost ours.

Our hopes have been crushed as a first year team but we are determined to fight along even though our RC broke down as well. Plus the fact that we are late on schedule anyway as we are just finishing the crate.

We might have enough money to pay for the bill one way but what do you guys suggest?

What is the exact process of shipping if we are doing it by our selves? How exactly do we do this now that we have to buy the shipping on our own? Where do we ship to?

We are going to the NYC regionals

Before you spend any money or go any further, read this:

Also, if following Amanda’s suggestion does not help you may want to review section 4 of the manually thoroughly for an option that would cost you nothing.

Section 4.9.2 of the manual says that you may drive your robot directly to the drayage facility for your initial event. Provided you can find a vehicle that has a 48" bed height you can drive your own crate directly to the drayage facility. The downside of this is that the drayage company would have to sign for it on or before ship day so you may need to have it boxed up and ready to go a little early depending on how long your drive to the appropriate drayage site is.

Section 4.9.1 contains a process for applying for an exemption to shipping your robot home. I don’t know what the chances are of being granted an exception for this reason or at this venue, but it may be worth a shot. If you are denied, you would have to be prepared to arrange shipping of the crate back home.

Don’t get discouraged if you cannot find a 48" bed height truck–we called our drayage facility last year, and they were fine with us bringing our robot in a box van with a bed height of closer to 36". Call ahead and you may find yours is the same.

As captain of team 2554 I would like to clear up a few things:

FIRST never said they wouldn’t replace our bill of Lad. We were misinformed by a superior, and therefore made this post in reaction to the prospect of not being able to get our robot the New York. I apologize for our reaction to this spurious information.

I don’t know how our Bill of Lading was lost. Our team was quick to jump to the conclusion that the Bill was ‘stolen’; however, I think that is was honestly misplaced, or accidentally thrown away.

Lastly, I would like to thank FIRST for understanding our situation. It has been a long and rewarding six weeks, and I’m glad FIRST was generous enough to help us finish what we have started. I look forward to seeing many of you at the NYC Regional! Be sure to stop by the pit of 2554!

Thank you all